Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Maintenance Update

Hello Stillmeadow members,

I wanted to take a minute to update the membership on the happenings for the maintenance staff over the next couple of months.  The recent weather has made it difficult to get on the course.  However, prior to the recent rainfall we have had the ability to get a little ahead of the curve.  

Stump Removal Project
We were able to soil, seed and straw many of the stump holes across the course.  Other than the wet conditions, we have had an additional set back on this project in the form of a broken track on our mini excavator that we use to do the bulk of this work.  We hope to have it up and running prior to a break in the weather and then should be able to return to finish this project in the spring.

Dead Tree Removals
We also dropped and mostly cleaned several more dead trees on the course.  Once the grounds dries out a little or freezes, we should be able to catch right back up with the cleanup of what has been dropped.  

Equipment Care and Repair
The maintenance equipment requires much care over the winter along with almost any and all resources we can put towards it.  With the dynamic duo of Rick Evans and Bob Nordyke leading the way, and the occasional help from Randy and myself, I feel that the "Turf and Maintenance" department at our club has done an excellent job at keeping our old equipment running and performing to a decent level.  This requires a level of ingenuity and resourcefulness that the membership unfortunately does not get to see.  However, I am really proud of the job that these guys continue to perform.  They have managed to save us many thousands of dollars!  These extra funds have provided for us in many other areas in my department and other departments around the club.

Course supplies
What are course supplies you ask? Trash receptacles, flag sticks, cups, tee markers, bunker rakes, benches, ball washers, etc.  The task of painting, staining, varnishing, applying vinyl and making general repairs must be accomplished every winter.

Shop Cleaning and Maintenance
We do our best to keep the shop organized, clean and maintained on a year round basis.  However, this time of year we have the ability to detail this process a bit.

The scheduling of dates, chemical programs and budgetary forecasting are just some of the different types of planning we need to accomplish during this time of year.

Snow Removal
The winter has been very mild thus far but if it does snow, we will be ready.

The previous list are more of the planned or regular activities that we will achieve over the next couple months before the weather truly breaks in the spring.  This does not include any of the unplanned activities that we still get hit with on an almost daily basis.  As you can see, we stay busy all year round to achieve our goals as your maintenance department at Stillmeadow Country Club.

Thank you for all your support as we look forward to another great golf season in 2017! 

Klint Ladd
Golf Course Superintendent