Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tee Leveling

Last week we leveled the forward tee on #5

Greens Verticutting and Topdress

In an attempt to create a faster, truer and more firm putting surface we opted to verticut the greens along with our topdressing last week.  Verticutting accomplishes quite a few different task that directly affect our end goals for better playability of our putting surfaces.  To name a few would be thatch removal, an overall thinning of the turf canopy and it promotes upright growth of the turf plants.  This process is one that we would like to attempt on a more frequent basis.  However, even though there is no immediate disruption to play as a result of verticutting, it can be quite aggressive to the turf if we do not have desirable weather conditions.  Greens as well as weather will be monitored on a daily basis and weekly verticuttings will be adjusted accordingly.

Summer Color