Monday, October 28, 2013

Valve Installation

Over the last couple weeks the Stillmeadow Turf and Maintenance staff has been busy working on the new installation or replacement of gate valves at different locations throughout the irrigation system.  These valves allow us to isolate sections of the irrigation system for quicker service and repair to any issues we encounter within that area.  While this process probably seems as though it won't have much of an impact on daily playing conditions, we can assure you that it does.  As mentioned, these valves allow us to localize leaks and sprinkler issues in a timely fashion.  The valves also give us more of an opportunity to address the problems as they occur rather than waiting for several issues to add up before shutting down the entire system.  These time saving benefits will allow us to redistribute our resources to things like better playability and capital improvement items while also allowing us to eliminate many eyesores on the course as they occur.  The more areas we have the ability to improve upon such as this, the brighter our future looks.  Just remember, you may not always see the immediate impact of projects like these but it is our hope that you will see long term success for many years to come!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Seeded Areas On Greens Complexes (Update)

Today, the Stillmeadow Turf and Maintenance staff will be busy mowing selected spots within the flagged areas on greens banks.  We plan to select specific areas based upon turf height and seedling establishment.  While we would encourage you to drop out of these areas for the time being, we still plan to do our best to keep these areas somewhat playable.  As time passes you may see the flagged areas getting smaller or disappearing completely.  We would ask that regardless of what happens with the flagged areas or inside the flagged areas you please continue to reduce or eliminate traffic in these spots.  

Thank you for your help!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seeded Areas On Greens Complexes

Last week, the Stillmeadow Turf and Maintenance crew tackled the task of seeding any thin or damaged areas on greens complexes.  The process went very well and over the weekend we had plenty of rain for seed placement (a little too much in some areas!) and germination.  Some of our areas are already filled with tiny seedlings.

The process was the following:
1) Aerate
2) Slit Seed
3) Broadcast extra seed where needed
4) Starter fertilize
5) Flag off the areas

As mentioned in step 5, all seeded areas have been flagged with small orange surveyors flags for a couple of reasons.  The first reason is for our membership.  These areas have been identified to you so that you have the ability to do your part.  To help these seedlings maintain maximum survival during their fragile state we ask that you please keep carts out of these areas.  We would also ask that you would even be cautious of foot traffic and try to divert to alternative walking paths when able.  The second reason we have flagged these areas is to identify the seeded areas to the Stillmeadow Turf and Maintenance crew.  We plan to discontinue the mowing of these areas for as long as possible from a playability standpoint as well as limiting our traffic in these areas.  Traffic control is the number one variable in the success of all the seeded areas. 

We realize that this is an inconvenience for many reasons but also realize that this is a necessary one.  The incorporation of more Tall Fescue plants into our current stand of Bluegrass, Ryegrass, Poa Annua, Poa Trivialis and Bentgrass roughs will greatly improve our course in the near future.  We plan to incorporate more desirable turf plants every year.

Thanks for your time and patience during this process!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grass Range Tees

As of today, October 1, the grass tees at the driving range will be closed for the remainder of the season.  We have had great success incorporating bermuda grass into our main back tee and wish to allow the tee to recuperate prior to winter.  Every year that passes and more bermuda is established, the better the tee will hold up throughout the season.  It is our hope to see this come to light next year!  Thanks for your patience.

The artificial teeing areas at the range will remain open until weather dictates otherwise.