Monday, October 29, 2012


As promised all of the aerated greens were topdressed today with additional sand to fill the remaining holes.  This late in the season we had to perform this task on a day that we were closed.  This is due to the duration of time it takes to apply the sand, time for the sand to dry and time for the sand to be brushed.  It is nearly impossible to achieve this without closing at least 9 holes at a time or being very disruptive to play.  We chose to role the dice on today's weather while we were closed.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate.  We were unable to brush the sand in as well as we had expected as there is still a decent amount of sand on the surface that needs to be worked.  However, the course will be open for play tomorrow.  Please keep in mind that it will most likely be rough putting until we are able to get the sand brushed in to a satisfactory level.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Upcoming Drainage Projects

As you may have noticed, two greens were not aerated with the others on October 22 and 23rd.  These two greens are numbers 12 and 17.  The reason that we did not aerate these greens is that we plan to perform drainage installation.  Sod removal will be required during the process and aeration holes would have caused the sod to tear or rip during handling.

The reason to install drainage into these greens is to remove excess moisture from the root zone.  Another way to say this is that we want to drain the subsurface water.  These greens hold too much water due to a variety of factors but will feel that drainage is the top priority to improve them for many years to come.  If we can allow the roots to breath, we will see better performance from a turf quality standpoint.

The drainage process will start on Monday,  November 5.  This first week, 17 green will be closed until completion.  On Monday, November 12 we plan to close 12 green until it is completed. 

During the time that each green is closed, each hole will remain playable by the way of temporary greens.  This will be accomplished by a paint circle in the fairway with a cup and flagstick in the middle.  The proper way to play the hole with the temporary green is to record an automatic two putt after your ball is located within the circle.  You may however attempt to make the shot on your first attempt after being within the circle.

Upon completion of the drainage projects we plan to have the greens re-opened immediately.  However, there will be many factors that dictate this happening so we plan to be in communication about our progress via this blog and the pro-shop.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aeration Photos And Notes

Believe it or not from this next photo but our sand rate ended up being a little too light to fill all of the aeration holes.  We will be adding supplemental sand on Monday the 29th to top off the remaining holes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Landscapes-Tee Signs

An ongoing plan/project for us is to address the remaining tee signs that aren't surrounded by any landscape plantings.  Number 17 tee sign was our first attempt.  We hope you like it, as well as the addition of a little more color to the course.

-Photos Taken During The Project

-The Finished Product  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cart Path Only

Anyone ever wonder why we take the daily cart rules so serious at Stillmeadow Country Club???

The next time you think you may complain about the carts being on the paths, please remember this photo!

Fall Fertilizer

We have had some issues timing our fertilizer between rain events but this week we were able to fertilize our fairways, tees and primary rough areas.