Monday, March 31, 2014

New Dates Again: Greens Aeration

The dates for spring greens aeration have been changed yet again:
Front 9 Greens- Monday, April 14
Back 9 Greens- Tuesday, April 15
Rain Date-Wednesday, April 16

These changes have been made due to poor weather conditions pushing back our entire turf maintenance plan so far this season.  The other variable that has also come into play has been the spring scramble.  It is our goal to not have fresh aeration holes for this tournament.  We will start aerification the Monday after the tournament.  We will update you on any further changes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The First Mow and Roll of 2014

Yesterday we finally had the opportunity to put a couple pieces of equipment on the greens.  Until this point in 2014, the greens had either been ice covered, snow covered or too wet to work on. The first step was to roll the greens.  This was done to level out any imperfections from winter freezing and thawing plus a variety of other factors such as foot printing.  The next step was to mow all of the greens.  Lastly, we changed all of the cups.  It was nice to get out there again!