Monday, August 27, 2012

A Few Recent Morning Pics


Fairway Aeration

As some of you may have already heard, the course will be closed on Tuesday September 4 for fairway aeration.  We apologize in advance for any inconvienence in closing the course.  To preform the aeration process on our fairways we have opted to hire Riesenberg Aeration Systems.  Our staff will continue to be responsible for the cleanup of the fairways after the aeration is completed.  Here is the step by step aeration plan.

1. Mark all sprinklers, quick couplers and any other obstacles that could cause harm to the aerator or the course if the aerator were to hit them.  The marking will be done with small and orange surveyors flags.
2. Reisenberg Aeration systems will aerate all fairways and some tees if possible.
3. Allow the aeration plugs to dry.
4. Drag the plugs with a large drag mat designed specifically for this application.  The goal is break up the soil as much as possible and to return it to the fairway as topdressing.
5.  Mow fairways a minimum of 2x to further pulverize plugs and to level the fairways out after aeration.
6. Blow the fairways to remove any left over thatch debris.
7. Water in

We hope that this process will be a painless one, while aerating the fairways at higher level of quality than we are guessing they have seen in years.  The plan is to aerate as many fairways on Tuesday as possible and to finish the process on Wednesday.  However, any areas that may need to be finished on Wednesday shouldn't require closing the course.

Post Aeration....The next few weeks after aeration the fairways should be a touch bumpy and we predict that you may see your ball taking some strange bounces as your ball rolls out.  Also, if we experience any wet weather during the healing process you may notice the fairways to be a little muddy at the surface.  Once again thanks for your continued support and patience. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Update

As we prepare for the upcoming tournaments this month I would like to take this opportunity to address our current course conditions as well as our plans moving forward.  I will go area by area as to cover all the primary playing surfaces.

Greens- The wet wilt has subsided and I am overall pleased with the condition of the greens.  However, we haven't had favorable weather for green speeds all season.  It has been our intentions to have healthy turf first.  This has been our priority and as soon as the weather starts cooperating we will make an effort to speed them up.

Tees-  While we still have a few bare areas in our tees from previous management we haven't taken any steps backward from a turf coverage standpoint.  If anything the holes have somewhat filled in throughout the season.  We hope to have all bare areas either seeded or sodded this fall.

Fairways-  I believe that our fairways are surviving the summer very well considering all the variables that we have had going against us.  Examples would include irrigation leaks, the vast number of sprinkler heads either not working or not working properly at the start of the season, the hot,hot,hot summer we have been through, the lack of proper aeration last fall, etc. As mentioned on tees I really don't feel that we have taken any steps backwards on fairways and plan to fill with sod or seed any areas that require so this fall.  

Bunkers- While there is no question that individual bunkers still need addressed, I feel that we are achieving our goal to make the bunkers much more cosmetically pleasing and have drastically improved the playability of what we have.

Rough-  Improved thickness, better weed control, more regular cuttings.....Improvement.  We plan to seed as many bare areas this fall and winter as we can fit in.

I hope that your golfing experience has improved so far this season and will continue to do so in the upcoming days/months/years!  We will always put our best foot forward!

Klint Ladd
Golf Course Superintendent